Alumet anodises a wide range of profiles, cladding and construction components and panels. Our modern machine park meets the highest standards in construction and interior use. Auxiliary equipment contains special machines to pack, wrap, apply film or print codes (SG or VEC anodising) on demand. With a capacity of 6000 tons a year, our factory is one of the leading surface treatment companies of the Benelux.

Our colour range

Alumet anodises aluminium in colour and gloss. Our colour range includes silver, gold, bronze, copper, grey, black, red, blue and green. We also produce special colours like stainless steel look, chrome-look or titanium-look. These colours are obtained by a combination of mechanical pre-treatment and colour anodising.


Panelox: Double anodised panel

Panelox is a unique product and offers many possibilities. The panel consists of two anodised layers: matt and gloss tones and a design. By combining one or two colors with a unique pattern, the panel gets an impressive look. Panelox can be used for outdoor or indoor façades as wall coverings. Interesting for your project?


Pretreatment for aluminium


Alumet uses special machines and tools to remove the top layer from profiles or sheets.


The effect of brushing is a shiny surface with visible brush marks.


Polishing can be combined with colour anodising to obtain different glossy products.