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Nursing home Landrijt is an important knowledge center for young people with dementia in the Netherlands. The building has an open and light appearance thanks to various patios and roof gardens. In addition, there are facilities in the building to provide specialized care and apartments have been built for people in need of nursing who live independently. The biggest challenge of the design was to develop an open building with optimal freedom of movement for the residents. The architecture is light and airy, appropriate for the young target group. An independent entrance has been designed for the apartments located in the champagne-coloured high-rise building. By using patios and roof gardens, residents can always go outside in a safe environment. In the summer, the doors to the patios are open so that the indoor and outdoor space become one and the residents can take maximum advantage of this. Thanks to the use of anodized aluminum, the facade is light-footed and sparkling.

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Eindhoven, Nederland
Oomen Architecten


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