Museum Van Bommel Van Dam

Project Description

Museum Van Bommel Van Dam in Venlo is a museum for modern art that wanted new accommodation to facilitate larger visitor numbers and to manifest itself as a cultural meeting place in the city. In 2017, the museum temporarily closed due to the move to the former main post office in Venlo, Keulse Poort, a national monument dating back from 1938.

The national monument has a special cultural and architectural-historical value as a well-preserved example of the Traditionalism architectural style, designed by Chief Government Architect Hayo Hoekstra.

The monumental building has been completely preserved during the conversion into a museum. New additions are also designed to be sustainable and circular. The sculptural art window, one of the museum's two new eye-catchers, is clad on the outside with aluminium shingles. In addition to this art window, the new park entrance is the second, contemporary intervention. A fully recyclable product, with a long lifespan and low maintenance requirements. The gold-coloured envelopes, anodized by Alumet in the color AluGold01, are partly opened and closed and are thus a creative reference to the post office function that the building used to have.


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Museum Van Bommel Van Dam


Venlo, NL




Stijn Poelstra


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