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Technology with
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Panelox is a special anodizing technique and exists, unlike most common techniques , made of two anodized layers: matte and gloss shades and an etched design. This is a unique element of Panelox and therefore offers many possibilities. You can combine one or two colours with a design. Panelox gives a panel an impressive appearance!


Unique Panelox designs
 matching your design

Panelox designs for inspiration

Panelox panels have two anodized layers: one gloss and one matte.

We have developed six patterns for inspiration: Stone, Rust, Frozen, Zinc, Flower and Fiber. 

We etch the designs into the panels using a special procedure. This ensures a beautiful and lively panel. From afar, the shiny parts light up in the sun, giving you a small 3D effect.


Own design on your panel

Would you like your own design on the panels? Which can! Send us your design in black and white, 300 dpi PDF document. Note: Only use black and white pixels (no gray) in the pattern. Do you have questions?



Designs are available in
3 different sizes

The panels are available with a thickness of 1, 2 or 3 mm. Our Panelox technique can also be applied very well to composite panels. These can be set after anodization without damaging the anodization layer. Your own design is also possible! For this we need a pure black and white 300dpi PDF document. So no shades of gray! For more technical information, please visit 3M's site, Alucobond.  

1000 x 2000 mm

1250 x 2500 mm

1500 x 3000 mm


Panelox offers many possibilities
and is available in all our colours


panelox projects

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