Panelox is an aluminium composite panel, consisting of two layers of aluminium with a thickness of 05 mm and a non-combustible core (FR). The panel is made by top producer of composite materials, whose panels are used worldwide in the façade building industry. The panel is coloured by anodising, in contrast to most panels in the market which are lacquered. The anodising layer can be made in bi-colour, with any design. Unique in the world!


Panelox is available in silver, black, gold, copper and bronze tones. In fact, we can anodise most colours on aluminium composite material and even make combinations of 2 colours. The colours on the panels are made with electrochemical deposition of metal salts in the pores of the anodising layer. All colours are therefore extremely UV resistant. The anodising layer has a life expectancy of well over 75 years, without losing gloss or colour. We therefore provide a warranty of 20 years for all colours.

Panelox panels textures


For inspiration, we have made a selection of 4 designs, “stone”, “Rust”, “Frozen” and “Fibre”. These patterns are etched into the panels. The pattern is glossy while the background is mat. From up close, it is clearly visible that the pattern is on top of the background colour, giving the panel a 3D effect. From some distance, the glossy parts will light up in the sunshine. Due to these properties, a beautiful changing light play will occur.


Panelox is produced in sizes up to 1500 x 3600 mm. Panels can be delivered in 4 or 6 mm thickness. If you want your own design etched into the panels, you have to send your image in black and white, 300 dpi PDF document. So remember, only pure black and white (no grey) pixels can be used in the pattern. For technical information concerning processing or other technical details, please look at the website of our supplier 3M, Alucobond, material Alucobond Plus.