Museum Across the ages Oman

The interesting design of the Oman Museum Across Ages is located on an area of approximately 40,000 square meters and is inspired by the geometric lines of the Hajar mountains and its canyons. The new Renaissance museum tells the story of Oman from prehistory and the present with a focus on the Renaissance period. During this period, Oman made a development and growth under the direction of His Majesty Sultaan Qaboos. COX architects based this on the design of the monumental project.

The copper “Rust” façade

For the first time Alumet is working on a project in Oman. We anodized around 2,000 panels. The double anodized facades, also called Panelox, are in AluCopper01 with a “Rust” pattern. The concept of the facade fits perfectly with the unique landscape. It looks the building comes from Oman’s earth. It harmonizes the landscape with the stories of human enlightenment and performance.


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