Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

Hotel Jakarta is a unique energy-neutral four-star hotel in Amsterdam where two worlds come together. From 1870 to 1970 people sailed from this location to Jakarta in Indonesia. For this reason this area is called ‘Java Island in Amsterdam’. The history of this island, a place where people said goodbye or were re-united is visible in the architecture. It brings the historic maritime connection together.

Amsterdam’s “Golden Age” historic façade

For this beautiful project, Alumet anodized the aluminum facade in AluBronze03. The facade is 940 square meters and entirely in style of shipping. Each panel has a unique perforated pattern that reflects ship-illustrations of Amsterdams’ Golden Age. By anodizing the façade in combination with the perforation pattern it gets an impressive result!

Public Building of 2018!

Architectenweb has awarded Hotel Jakarta in Amsterdam the Public Building of 2018.
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ProjectHotel Jakarta AmsterdamLocatieJava-Island Amsterdam (NL)ArchitectSeARCH bvStatusRealised in 2018