Theater Zuidplein

Theater Zuidplein is part of the new developed “Hart van Zuid” in Rotterdam. This building comprises besides the Theater also a branch of the Library Rotterdam and several other easy accesible cultural functions. It also houses a café-restaurant. It is part of the transformation around Ahoy and Zuidplein. Theater Zuidplein replaces the adjecent old, dating from 1953 building, that will be demolished in a circular way as soon as the new building will be in use. The place in the middle of Hart van Zuid, right next to the bus and metro station, is ideal to seduce the passers-by to take a peak inside even if they normally do not come in contact with art and culture. The over 850m2 of perforated aluminium panels that form the voile facade are anodised by Alumet in the colour AluBronze02.


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