The new 130,000 sq m SFR headquarters in the Landy-Pleyel ZAC (mixed development zone) boasts nearly 8,500 employee workstations. The building, designed by Jean-Paul Viguier, “adopts the metaphor of the tree, which experiences continual growth and rebirth, adapting constantly to external conditions. The project takes the form of a campus, atop a trunk with protruding branches leading to terraces and large multi-level gardens. Daylight is a key project component fostering pleasant working conditions and optimal energy efficiency, achieved partly by using alternate glass and metal components, with varying openings, reflection levels and densities to suit the space. The facades act like an item of clothing which changes in nature to suit the degree of exposure.


ProjectSFRLocatieParijs, FrankrijkArchitectJean-Paul Viguier ArchitectureStatusGerealiseerd


Mon Plaisir 32
4879 AN Etten-Leur (NL)
+31 (0)76 50 43 130


Postbus 62
4870 AB Etten-Leur (NL)


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