KPMG Luxemburg

Nicknamed the apple strudel because of the exterior lattice, the building was designed by Luxembourg architect François Valentiny, who also created Luxembourg’s pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. The rusty exterior is aimed at evoking the Grand Duchy’s industrial past, while the interior features 17,000 square metres of office space. The new HQ allows KPMG to bring together its 1,255 employees currently spread across five different sites in Luxembourg.


ProjectKPMGLocatieLuxemburgArchitectValentiny HVP ArchitectsStatusGerealiseerd


Mon Plaisir 32
4879 AN Etten-Leur (NL)
+31 (0)76 50 43 130


Postbus 62
4870 AB Etten-Leur (NL)


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Maandag t/m vrijdag
08.00 tot 12.00 uur
13.00 tot 17.00 uur


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Maandag t/m vrijdag
08.00 tot 20.00 uur

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